The Roadmap to Version 1.0.0

The development of Kompass

Inspired to develop CMS, like Wordpress (opens in a new tab), Voyager (opens in a new tab) and Wordpress plugin Advanced Custom Fields (opens in a new tab).
But built with the power of Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel and Livewire.

Development features for Version 1.0.0 | coming in fall 2023

  • Block Builder design optimize
  • Widgets for Dashboard
  • Announcements
  • Notifications
  • Settings optimize
  • Themes manager
  • Post section
  • Medialibrary to add Folder
  • Roles System
  • Add Livewire V3
  • Frontend development
  • Theme Components for Frontend
  • Blog view

and more...

Future Features for Version 2.0.0 | coming in 2024

  • Page/Post preview
  • Darkmode (low priority)
  • Mobile view optimize (low priority)
  • More Components

Do you have an idea for a feature? Give us feedback → (opens in a new tab)